Five products that Apple did not launch in 2018 and we would like to see during 2019

2018 was a busy year for Apple, we saw the arrival of some products that were sued for years and the renewal of others that are almost an obligation. Despite the numerous releases of the last twelve months, some products have not yet been released. 2019 may be the year in which Apple presents them in one of its keynotes.

There is a series of product renovations that in 2018 from Cupertino decided not to publish. Well for lack of time, either for not being in its renewal cycle or for reasons that we do not know. Whatever the reason, expect to see one of these five products during 2019 :

  • An update of the MacBook: In 2018 there is a laptop that has stood out above the others, it is the MacBook Air that was finally updated after years without doing it. We also had a minor update to the MacBook Pro in the summer. But there is a third laptop that is in a peculiar situation right now, the 12-inch MacBook. It is lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, it also has a higher price. It is difficult to justify your purchase taking MacBook Air, we will see in 2019 what happens to him.
  • An update of the iMac: In the summer of 2017 the Mac desktop was updated for the last time. The most likely thing is that next summer we will see an update again. The iMac is a very polished product, so its renewal is usually slower and depends largely on the availability of new processors by Intel and other components that are inside the computer.
  • An update of the AirPods … and more headphones: It’s about time to see some second-generation AirPods. With a new W2 connectivity chip and some new function like ‘Hey Siri’. But in addition to some new AirPods, we would like to see a headset with AirPods technology. Headphones over-the-ear wireless noise canceling and for those who fall short with AirPods.
  • An external screen: It seems that eternity has passed, but in fact a few years ago Apple sold its own external monitor. An external monitor that has always had an incredible quality compared to the competition and has been an ideal accessory for Mac Pro and Mac mini. An incredible quality until it stopped updating. Hopefully this year we will see a new monitor with Retina display, most likely next to the Mac Pro.
  • A service video on demand: 2019 has all the ballots to be the year in which Apple presents its video on demand service. In the last 2 years, they have grown tired of signing personalities from the entertainment world. Primavera or the WWDC is the most indicated dates so that we finally see what your catalog of series and films will look like. And above all, how they will distribute it.

And the AirPower? The AirPower was a product announced for 2018. It did not come, nor are their new promises that it will arrive in 2019, it has practically disappeared. So maybe it’s time to forget about it and think about normal charging bases from other manufacturers. Other more “obvious” products are also out of this list, such as the renewal of the iPhone and Apple Watch, or the Mac Pro that we were warned to arrive in 2019.